Personal Styling Session

Personal Styling Session

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Welcome to the Elevation Personal Styling Program!

There are so many great reasons to work with a stylist:

- Change in or starting a career (students or anyone starting down a different path)

- Change in lifestyle (retirement, moving to a new area)

- New moms

- Going on a trip

- Just because you deserve it!!!

Our program pairs you with your choice of stylist based on your needs and their profile. I’d you’re unsure of who’s the best fit, don’t worry we can help you choose.

This package includes:

- A pre-appointment interview and questionnaire where we get to know your lifestyle, style goals, size and colour preferences, and so much more. 

- A 2 hour session in store with your selected stylist.

- A $25 store credit to use towards purchases.

- Refreshments 

We will contact you following your purchase to schedule a time, and will send your initial styling questionnaire via email.