Personal Styling

We believe at some point every women can benefit from a personal styling appointment. At Elevation we provide a safe, comfortable and fun atmosphere to explore and develop your personal style.


  • The most important benefit of receiving personal styling is the boost in confidence it gives you.
  • A friendly and fun few hours celebrating you.
  • Learning how to incorporate your current wardrobe and style favourites with new, fresh pieces.
  • Discovering new silhouettes and styles that bring out your best.
  • Developing a styles that is unique and personal to you!

Who should purchase a Personal Styling Session?

Everyone! Seriously, it's such an uplifting, affirming and beneficial process for all of us, but here are some examples of clients who have requested wardrobe guidance.

  • New moms who are adjusting to a different lifestyle, a slightly different body, and usually a lack of sleep, who want to feel their best and sometimes need a refresh.
  • Ladies going through a life pivot or a milestone in their lives, such as retirement, moving, or leaving a relationship.
  • Clients who are starting or changing careers.
  • Anyone going on a vacation.
  • Ladies just looking for a change, and who are wanting to elevate their current style by adding some more current or different pieces.

What all is included?

  • Support! from the time you sign up through the end of your session, we will support you and make you feel comfortable.
  • A pre-appointment interview/questionnaire.
  • A $25 store credit to use during your session.
  • Guidance on how to incorporate your personal style in everything you wear, and assistance finding the best cuts, fabrics, brands and styles that work for you.
  • Refreshments during your appointment.

How do I sign up?

Step 1: Check out our stylists and see who the best fit is for you.

Step 2:Book directly online.

Step 3: Fill out and submit the questionnaire.

Step 4: Show up, and enjoy your session.

* If at any point you have questions, or need more information, please give us a shout.