Make it Personal

At Elevation, we treat each and every customer as the true individual that they are. We curate our products with all women in mind; all ages, all sizes, all lifestyles. Every woman should be able to go into a store and feel welcome, and they should be able to find items that bring them joy. The joy shouldn't be forced, and we strive to provide everyone the time and attention that they need to find it.

One of our favorite things to do is work one on one with our clients, and a special service we offer is personal shopping appointments. If there is a certain member of our team that you like to work with, feel free to call ahead to book a private shopping appointment with them.  There is no charge for the appointment, and there is no obligation to purchase anything. To book, just call or email the studio.

Another great personalized service we offer is our gift box subscription! The program is taking off, and our clients are thrilled with their treasures so far. The subscriptions can be purchased in store and online.

Hope to see you soon.


Elevation Crew

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